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New Custom v1.2 Builder
By Barbara Bray    June 18, 2006 -- 11:52 AM

We have received many comments on updates people would like for our builders. From your suggestions, we created a modified and more flexible version of the custom builder (Custom Builder Version 1.2).

One suggestion was to make the Brainstorm connect with the rest of the features in the builder. So we listened. Now when you or your co-authors add your ideas to the pop-up boxes in the
Brainstorm, the information appears in the appropriate areas throughout the builder.

The information from what students will know and do will appear below Add Standards.

Then from this information, you can choose the appropriate standards. You can always go back and add or modify the standards and brainstorm information.

The text editor takes the place of the field to write your description. In this area, you can put in links with the text, upload any type of file including podcasts and videos, and insert tables. This text editor works best with Firefox. You can use it with Internet Explorer and Safari but features are missing.

When you make several activities, they now appear on the left nav as a table of contents instead of the tabs. This makes it more flexible so you can write any header for your activities to make any type of project, ePortfolio, or content site.

The text editor has a preview and tutorials if you have any questions. If you know HTML, you can view source and change the way your text looks. You can even embed video by linking to streaming video that you may have on a streaming server or on YouTube. This editor is not perfect but it does the trick for now. We will continue to look for new features to make your job easier.

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