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Changing Home Field
By Barbara Bray    June 19, 2006 -- 09:28 AM

Each time you log in to My eCoach, you will see different tips and resources on the Home Field. We are constantly looking for new ideas to help you or just to give you ideas or websites that are fun or will make your job easier.

Welcome at the top will be different depending on your account. This area is from the eCoach staff. eCoaches get information for their team members or heads up on events. Players who are on one or more teams will get general information about My eCoach. Free Accounts have general information on what is My eCoach and links to more information. All accounts are lifetime memberships. Free accounts are limited but still have access to lots of resources and tools. The eCoach community is a learning community for anyone and everyone.

Tips and Tricks is managed and coordinated by me. I am trying to find new tips every few
days. Click Read More... to learn more about the tip that is on the Home Field. There is an archive for each month. If you have any great tips or tricks on technology or education that you would like to share, please email me.

The eLibrary Spotlight is coordinated by Sara Armstrong. She is reviewing eLibrary resources that are contributed by our members. Some we find ourselves and just cannot keep to ourselves. Click Read More... to find out in more detail about that resource plus we have added questions and extension activities in the eLibrary for each each resource we spotlight. If you have any resource you would like to share, please either submit it to the eLibrary or email Sara.

Featured Projects are those projects that others can use or learn from. Trena Noval and me are finding projects that exemplify best practices, the use of new technology such as podcasts, or exciting teaching practices that improve student achievement. Some projects are just the beginning of something that one or more of our members were very excited about. The eCoach community is all about sharing and learning from each other. If you have or know of a project you would like to share with the entire community, please contact Trena.

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