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My eCoach and Pinellas County Schools, FL
By Barbara Bray    June 27, 2006 -- 09:41 AM

My eCoach is very lucky to be part of the EETT grant with Pinellas County Schools, Florida. We are working with up to 38 e-Mentors as they develop technology integrated, project-based curriculum with 109 teachers and administrators. Public Post

e-Mentors are part of six teams that include one or more representatives from Pinellas Park Elementary, Morgan Fitzgerald Middle and Pinellas Park High schools. Projects are around science-based themes where they develop real-world project-based learning activities: Ecology, Life Processes, Living Interactions, Weather, Habitats, Florida Environment and Water, and Living Relationships.

Each project will take 6 weeks over the next school year and integrate the mobile laptops, ESE, ESOL, reading, math, writing, and community partnerships. The first 4 day workshop (July 11-14) was very exciting and challenging where everyone collaborated, learned, and started their projects that they plan to share with their colleagues and students. We will be sharing products and reflections so you can see the progress of these multi-age, cross-curricular projects. We also set up separate leagues for each school that has a team for the e-Mentors and their teachers.

Thanks to Ken Bakken who helped me as eCoach staff! Could not have done this without him. Thanks also to Nancy Kuznicki (Pinellas Elementary League eCoach) who had her lab up and running for us, worked with me to set up the week, and has great energy and excitement about the project. Iíll be writing more to share and hope that the e-Mentors share their experiences in the blog also.

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