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Enjoyed NECC in San Diego
By Barbara Bray    July 5, 2006 -- 06:00 AM

Great times were had by all - presentations, fireworks, meeting new friends, hugging old friends, and will have wonderful stories to tell. Saw the fireworks with thousands of other NECC friends on a beautiful clear night. Lots of activities:
  • Wed workshop 12:30-3:30 on Learning Communities for some wonderful people.
  • Wed poster session 1:30-3:30 on Projects by Trena Noval with Ken Bakken’s help
  • Friday session 10-11 on Indigenous People and Culture with James Smith, Sylvester Robertson, and Michelle Williams - Room 29C
  • Ongoing presentations in our booths 2926 & 2928: Teachers and eCoaches sharing projects, tips, features - lots of prizes - even giving the chairs away. See pics below

Enjoyed the Digital Equity Summit - inspiring. Senator from New Mexico shared how the state was installing wifi around the canyon and mesas. Did not know that they could not put towers on the mesa since they were sacred ground. Each table shared their challenges on digital equity and developed action plans to resolve some of the issues. Dennis Harper’s table shared that it was time to get mad - have a revolution. Encourage 10% of all children to fight for digital equity. Yeah Dennis!

Ongoing presentations in our booth
Pearl getting ready
Barbara doing a presentation
Trena and Barbara sharing with
James Smith and Bruce Duncan

Ken Bakken presenting twice

Linda Ullah presented abnout
EWYL program four times

Sara Armstrong shared about
the eLibrary Spotlight

Trena sharing info with attendees
Peggy and Pearl always smiling

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By Dennis Imoto      July 14, 2006 -- 04:00 PM
thank you for the chocolates which sustained me through the long days at NECC. Thank you also for the cool hat! I really enjoyed the workshop even though it took me offsite, it was the only one that I really got anything worthwhile from. I plan on using my eCoach on a regular basis and hope to network with other professionals in education as well as experts in their fields. Aloha!

Reply to Dennis Imoto

By small Barbara Bray      July 22, 2006 -- 12:01 PM
Thanks Dennis - It was great meeting you also. We just added the Hawaiian content standards. Looking forward to seeing you online. FYI to everyone who went to NECC - check out all the FlickR pictures that were tagged with NECC 06.  

To the  left is one Steve Dembo (teach42) took of Hall Davidson presenting at the Discovery booth:

Reply to Barbara Bray

By small James      August 18, 2006 -- 10:22 AM
Barbara - Here's a picture of my grandson - Mr. Atlas. Enjoy! James

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