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CEO Barbara Bray presented Online Educator Award
By eCoach Staff    June 15, 2009 -- 05:26 PM

Congratulations Barbara on receiving the Top Online Educator award from Surf Aquarium!

My eCoach CEO/President Barbara Bray was recently honored the Top Online Educator award in recognition as an esteemed leader in technology and learning. Barbara was awarded this honor in hope that through the celebration of her work, other educators will be inspired to embrace technology as a tool for transforming their classroom into an environment where all students can be successful.

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By small Russ Knopp      June 15, 2009 -- 09:45 PM
Excellent!  Well deserved!  I add my congratulations and thanks, Barbara, for your continued, apparently tireless effort to make an already remarkable set of online learning/teaching tools even better.  I appreciate you and all you do for all of us!

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