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Class Team Spotlights
By Sara Zimmerman    August 27, 2009 -- 08:02 AM

New eCoaches and eTeachers have set up some fantastic teams for the upcoming school year. Class teams include up to 40 of their students and are a great way for the class to work together, share, receive information, schedule events, and communicate. A few of the teams:
  • Village of Excellence Academy, Charter School in Tampa, FL
  • Travel & Tourism Academy at Oak Grove High, San Jose, CA
  • Russ Knopp’s eKids team & his sixth grade class, Waitsburg, WA
  • San Diego COE, AB430 training in multiple teams with hundreds of new principals
As part of each newsletter, we will be sharing new communities and teams including new class teams, BTSA programs, free teams from Certificated eCoaches, online courses and coaching programs.

If you are ready to sign up your organization, contact us. To get your class signed up, visit Class Teams in the My eCoach store.

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