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ILPs: An integral part of successful Professional Development
By Sara Zimmerman    November 19, 2009 -- 02:13 PM

Individual Learning Plans (ILPs)
An integral part of successful Professional Development
My eCoach created a Technology Use Assessment in the 1990s for teachers to generate their Individual Learning Plans (ILPs). This included a list of learning opportunities that were based on a scope and sequence aligned to NETS. All of this started with Concerns-Based Adoptions Model (CBAM) and how we accept change.*

ILPs ensure a successful coaching program. Currently our ILPs are available to all My eCoach members and work best if the user is part of a team with an eCoach who can provide ongoing feedback. We invite you to join, login, create an ILP for yourself, and revisit it by accessing it from your Locker.

Watch a video of how to create and edit ILPs:
Here is a short video demonstrating how to create an ILP using integrating technology as the goal. It shows you step-by-step how to create an effective action plan, how to edit it, and how to solicit valuable feedback from trained eCoaches.

*The original assessment is not available, however, we plan to create assessments as part of the ILPs that can be adapted by eCoaches.

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