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Drag and Drop on Blog Sidebar
By Sara Zimmerman    December 15, 2009 -- 12:13 PM

Now you can drag and drop any of the links or widgets up or down instead of clicking move one at a time. You can customize the sidebar of your public blogs by adding links and embedding widgets. Go to your Blog Home to the T-Shirt icon to customize your sidebar.*

This is the way we used to edit the sidebar.

You can still add links by clicking Add Links and adding the title and the URL.
The way we used to have it is clicking on the up or down arrows to move items one at a time.

Now each item is in a box where you will be able to click on a box and drag and drop an item up or down as far as you would like, not one at a time.
After you go to the public page, it will not have the boxes on it and will appear with the template you have chosen for your public blog.

* Note: We will be redesigning some of our icons and put them other places so there is more consistency

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