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Private Rooms under Teams
By Barbara Bray    January 28, 2010 -- 10:11 AM

When you set up your team in My eCoach for your coaching program, you can now assign subteams, or "Private Rooms," for confidential conversations with one or more of your members. This unique, coaching feature helps extend the meaning of one-on-one virtual coaching or mentoring. The only people that can have a private room are members of your team. The eCoach is the only one that can set up and add members to the private rooms.

Why would you want Private Rooms for your members?
  • You run a new teacher program and want to provide one-on-one coaching for support providers and the new teachers they support.
  • You facilitate a coaching program for your clients and would like private rooms for each of your clients.
  • You are a professor who wants to set a private office with office hours. The private room is your office and you can add and remove members from the main team when scheduled.
  • Your members want to have their own room to discuss similar concerns or interests.
  • You want to provide individual support and ongoing feedback on ILPs and lessons for each member of your team.
The main team runs a calendar with the schedule of everything you need, a team blog that allows sharing among team members, a team forum where members can discuss issues, a team forum that allows collection and analysis of data from everyone on the team, team reports, and more. A Private Room allows for more privacy and sharing just between the members of that room.

We help you set up one room and then clone the additional rooms you need when you set up your coaching program. Contact us directly on how this can work with your coaching program.

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