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Follow the Winter Olympics 2010
By Barbara Bray    February 23, 2010 -- 10:33 PM

Did you watch the Olympics or follow the events?

Go to Winter Olympics 2010 for activities we did as we watched the Olympics. This helps one learn about it, think about it, show what you know, and what’s next. One section gives many how-to videos that you just have to check out.

Here’s one that I never thought I’d want to learn about:
How to land from 50 feet in the Air

The central focus of this project is actually access, content reading skills, response to content, organization and synthesis of information, and development of deeper understandings. The author also wanted to create a site for her students that shows how to take a site that is for the general public, heavily laden with distracting content and ads, and develop a method for students to explore with directed activities.

There are also tips for successful navigation... including using Firefox tabs, to close out after using the NBC or International site, keeping the My eCoach page open, how to tell the difference between content and ad space, etc. so look for  listed activities on the educator page suggesting live lessons on 21st century skills and information literacy.

Some content and activities will be added even after the Olympics are over so check this site often.

  Roxanne Clement  

Categories: "Challenge" "Competition" "Information" "Olympics" "Organiation" "Reading" "Understanding" "Vancouver" "Winter"

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