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Congratulations to our Scholarship Winner
By Barbara Bray    February 24, 2010 -- 02:16 PM

Congratulations to Cathy Keck, Technology Integration Specialist at the Academy of Notre Dame, in Pennsylvania for winning our Leadership Scholarship! Her school is a private, college-prep, all-girls academy for grades 6-12 in the suburbs of Villanova, PA. Cathy teaches grades 6-9 and help the faculty integrate technology into their curriculum and hold technology wokshops for faculty development.

Her major challenge is finding time! Cathy teaches classes so her time with the faculty is limited. She was looking for an online community that can support and aid in faculty training and collaboration: a place where faculty can go for questions, resources, and general tech support.

After much consideration of the wonderful proposals we received, Cathy's enthusiasm for her school and the support from her administration, her school received a team for ten teachers, training and virtual coaching support for Cathy, and assistance in developing the team and projects until June 30, 2011.

Categories: "Professional Developmet" "Teams" "Technology" "Technology Specialist" "Online Community"

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