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New: Follow your team forum
By Sara Zimmerman    March 1, 2010 -- 10:07 AM

If you are on any teams in My eCoach, you probably are using the forums for threaded conversations. We now have a way for you to follow specific topics and receive an email notification if anyone adds a post or comment to that topic. Following is the default.

To check or change your options for following any of your forum topics, go to either your team by
or to My Community on the left navigation to Forums where your team forums will be at the bottom. You can see the number of posts and last date of any posts.
Click on the forum and you can see if you are following that topic or not by the color of the follow icon. Green means your following. Blue means you are not following.
or at the bottom of that topic, you can click to follow/unfollow topic.
or at the top of the forum you can open a pop-up to click to unfollow/follow multiple topics.

If you follow a topic and someone adds a post or replies to a post, you will receive an email notification and message reminder in your inbox. Click that reminder to take you to that topic.

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