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Tip: Embed Webpages within your Universal Builder Project
By Sara Zimmerman    March 24, 2010 -- 03:02 PM

You can have outside website appear right in your Universal Builder page. Using an iframe in a label allows you to embed code into the embed box on the Universal Builder page or a tab in the team pages. Insert code like:

You cannot use iframe code with the text editor. Above is a screen capture of the code. We cannot put the exact code in this text editor for you. So here is the code without the brackets <> that you can copy, replace the URL, add the brackets, and then paste the code into the embed box.

bracket iframe width="100%" height="200" align="middle" src="" border="0">bracket /iframe bracket

This is what the Google page (captured on St. Patrick’s Day) looks like embedded in the embed box.

After you embed it, you can change the dimensions by going into the code and replacing the percentage with 80% and the height at 400. This will give you more of the page and you will not have to scroll as much to see all of the web page.

When you click on any of the links, you will open a page in another window or tab.

Be careful not to add iframe code into the text editor because it will break the code.

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