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Touching Spirit Bear - Chapter 14
By Aisy    May 26, 2011 -- 12:53 PM

  1. Cole's physical condition at the beginning of this chapter is that he can't fully use his right arm.
  2. Garvey persuade the guard to not cuff Cole as they were transporting Cole from the hospital to the detention center.
  3. Cole's dad did nothing for Cole during his hospitalization.
  4. Garvey warned Cole that the healing of his physical wounds was the easy part because healing him on the inside was hard.
  5. The at'oow at this point is still at the island.
  6. Cole's mom doing much better because Cole's dad has gone to jail.
  7. The information his mom reveals to him about his dad is that his parents did the same thing to him as he did Cole.
  8. Garvey's surprise for Cole at the Circle Justice meeting is Edwin coming.
  9. the members of the circle who were missing this time were Peter and his parents and Cole's dad.
  10. If you were a part of the circle at this point - what would you have recommended be done with Cole?

I would want to know what he wanted to do and see if it was safe for everybody else.

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By unknown      December 8, 2014 -- 02:26 PM
i did is great

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By isaiah birchfield      November 4, 2014 -- 06:21 AM
i need to know what is coles second problem with society

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By topsecrete      January 27, 2013 -- 04:24 PM
you have not read this book have you

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