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Google Earth telling Amazon Indians story
By Barbara Bray    July 3, 2008 -- 07:49 AM

In the SF Chronicle today, there is a story about how Google Earth is helping the Surui tribe in the Amazon by telling their story and helping protect their land. This tribe made contact less than 40 years ago and has been outfitted with GPS and computers with Internet access. The new technology is replacing bows and arrows to protect their land. Chief Almir Surui, a college graduate, came to the bay area and asked Google to provide them with technology to monitor illegal loggers and raise global awareness about the destruction of the Amazon rainforest.

I found another article where a new tribe was found, maybe using Google Earth. Are we opening the door to help tribes that have been isolated and protected for maybe thousands of years? They use bows and arrows to protect themselves from the unknown.

How many tribes are in the Amazon that we donít know about?
How many of these are being lost or attacked by illegal loggers?
Is it our duty to provide GPS and Google Earth and training to all the tribes to save the rainforest?

Categories: "Culture" "Google" "Google Earth" "Amazon" "Indigenous People"

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