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Such Tweet Sorrow
By Barbara Bray    April 19, 2010 -- 07:47 AM

Here is an interesting twist on Romeo and Juliet that is taking shape in England: a collaboration between the Royal Shakespeare Company and Mudlark, a cell phone company. They create a Twitter version of Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet called Such Tweet Sorrow.

It takes place in an English market town where Juliet is posting a video on YouTube, Mercutio has lost his cell phone, Nurse is a lawyer, and Romeo is too busy play Xbox to do much tweeting.

Interesting take on modernizing this love story. Remember West Side Story? That was the 1960 version. So now you can join by following any or all of the characters.
I wonder if this could be a new way for students to take on historical roles and experience that time in history from a new perspective.

Categories: "Shakespeare" "Romeo And Juliet" "Twitter"

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