SAV School, Nepal
Education in the Rural area of Nepal
Govinda Panthy
Founder and Teacher
SAV School
Bhaktapur, Nepal  

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A Day at SAV School

By Govinda Panthy      August 13, 2011 -- 12:52 PM

We have been slowly growing our school as the village families have responded to our successes in teaching the children. As a result, the education status of the village has increased greatly over the last 13 years. Almost all the parents want to send their children to good English medium schools.

Our school is up to Grade 6 now, students have to go to another school to further their studies. It is about an hour walk to the high school level school. We have about 15 students finishing the SAV school each year who go on to join the high school in town.

SAV School starts at 9:45 in the morning, Sunday ...   more...

Comments: 4   Last Comment By Laura  December 9, 2013 -- 07:26 PM

New Photos SAV School 2011

By Govinda Panthy      June 19, 2011 -- 09:00 PM

I wanted to share with you some new pictures of our school and students from earlier this year.



SAV School Students 2011SAV School Students 2011



1st Graders1st Graders
Drawings from 3rd GradersDrawings from 3rd Graders
Choosing Books to ReadChoosing Books to Read
A Happy StudentA Happy Student even though it was not his birthday


Comments: 5   Last Comment By small Govinda Panthy  December 19, 2012 -- 11:16 PM


By Govinda Panthy      May 21, 2011 -- 04:12 AM

The SAV school, Bageshwori, Bhaktapur, Nepal would like to welcome all the national and international education lovers and who have passion on helping poor family children to give them opportunity to go to school and help them make their future bright.


Comments: 1   Last Comment By Diah  December 17, 2012 -- 05:06 AM

Story of Govinda, the founder of the SAV School

By Govinda Panthy      May 21, 2011 -- 03:27 AM

Bageshwori-7, Bhaktapur, Nepal


I was brought up in a poor rural farmer’s family but my parents never stopped me going to school. I started going to school when i was 8 and I always came first in all the classes till Grade 10. Having passed Grade 10 we had to leave our village for higher studies. So I moved to Kathmandu valley (capital) with my brother. I had to find a job for living myself since my parents were not at the level of supporting me financially. But i wanted to continue my further studies. I got an opportunity to teach in an English medium private school near Kathmandu; ...   more...

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Happy New Year 2011 !

By Govinda Panthy      December 31, 2010 -- 07:31 PM

New Year Greetings from SAV School Nepal.
Comments: 5   Last Comment By unzwqk  December 22, 2012 -- 10:08 AM

Library Building at SAV School, Nepal

By Govinda Panthy      October 21, 2010 -- 09:55 PM
Dear Friends, hereís the initial step of library building proposal at SAV School in Nepal. If we can start slowly building library, in a few years, Iím sure, weíll have good library with its own library building. I hope youíll feel free to ask me anything concerning my proposal.
SAV (School)

Estd. 1998

Name of the Project: SAV School Library
Address: SAV School, Bageshwori-7, Bhaktapur Nepal.
Introduction ...   more...
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One 2 One

By Govinda Panthy      July 12, 2010 -- 05:33 AM

Name of the Project:  ONE2ONE

Organization : SAV School

Address : Bageshwori-7, Bhaktapur, Nepal.

Introduction: ONE2ONe project is a pilot project to be implemented at SAV School in Nepal with the help of education lovers to encourage sending the poor rural family children to school. In this project SAV School will find some interested education and children lovers to support it. An individual will choose a child and sponsor his/her cost to send him/her to school. We can call them foster parents too. SAV School will handle this project under the supervision of the ...   more...

Comments: 4   Last Comment By Ebaraa  February 10, 2014 -- 05:07 PM

Pictures of SAV School

By Govinda Panthy      February 16, 2010 -- 07:11 PM

Doesn't our work look good?
Campaign agains HIV Aids.

We love drawing and colouring.

Students in the premises of National Museum for their excursion.

Students sharing their food.

Students watching Hippos in the Zoo.

Isnít it beautiful?

Govinda , founder of SAV School, in a language class.
Comments: 2   Last Comment By small Barbara Bray  February 17, 2010 -- 08:04 AM

About SAV School, Nepal

By Govinda Panthy      February 8, 2010 -- 07:50 PM
Shantideep Adarsh Vidhyasadan (SAV School) was English Medium School established in 1998 with 13 students in a backwarded countryside of Bhaktapur district of Nepal. The name of the village is Bageshwori (altitude approx. 1750 metres). It lies in the eastern part of Bhaktapur district(central Nepal).

It was established when the parents were not so aware of their childrenís education. We (school Management) had to struggle a lot to achieve the sympathy of the parents / villagers. They werenít convinced in the very beginning and didnít send their children to this school thinking that we canít ...   more...
Comments: 13   Last Comment By xtftwwepifm  December 22, 2012 -- 10:54 AM