Context Clues To Clue You In
Michelle Vinson
Central Elementary
Chillicothe R-II Schools
Chillicothe, MO

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How do context clues help you?
By Michelle Vinson    October 24, 2006 -- 02:38 PM

I was helping my son with some science homework last night, and I came across a couple of words I did not know the meanings of.  I asked him if he had his science book so that we could look them up, but he didn't.  We decided to use context clues.  What can you share with me about context clues?  What are they, exactly?  How do they help you figure out the meanings of new words? 

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By Michelle Vinson      November 10, 2014 -- 08:36 AM
Context clues makes reading a little easier so that you don't have to go and get a dictionary when you come to a word you don't know!

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By Libby's mom      October 2, 2007 -- 06:53 PM
I use context clues all the time when I read books that are hard!

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By SW      October 2, 2007 -- 05:41 PM
context clues are actully really eassy, I think!

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By A/C      October 2, 2007 -- 09:11 AM

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By EB      October 2, 2007 -- 09:10 AM
I do not really understand context clues. I do not relly know like how to use them.

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By B.N.      October 2, 2007 -- 09:10 AM
Context clues are sort of boring because most of the words I allready know. But context clues are a great way to learn new words!!

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By L.............      October 2, 2007 -- 09:10 AM
Context clues are cool

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By DH      October 2, 2007 -- 09:10 AM
Context clues are a graet resource becuase you dont have to look it up in the dictionary.

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By S......      October 2, 2007 -- 09:08 AM

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By Kh      October 2, 2007 -- 09:06 AM
Context clues are are a good way to find out the word.Then you know what yhe word means.

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By gpoling      October 2, 2007 -- 09:05 AM
even though

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By KT      October 2, 2007 -- 09:05 AM
I think context clues halp me. because,when I am reading a sentence and I do not now the word. I read the rest and it and it normily tells me.

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By ab      October 2, 2007 -- 09:04 AM
I don't like contaxt clues because. they always have a word that I don't know I just use the words around it and I don't like to go to a diconary because it takes to long

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By md      October 2, 2007 -- 09:04 AM
When I don't know what a word means, I use the words around it to help me get the meaning of the word.Because I hate getting up and using a dictionary when I am reading.

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By JM      October 2, 2007 -- 09:03 AM
Context clues are good because I dont like looking up each word in the dictionary. Even thow I dont like school context clues are a graet resource.

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By H.S.      October 2, 2007 -- 09:03 AM
I read the whole sentence and try to find clues in the sentence. It can be really confusing sometimes, but I can understand it a little.I try to help other people , but they don't get it.

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By TB      October 2, 2007 -- 09:03 AM
I don't like to look upin the dictionary so Iblog.

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By Bob/shelby      October 2, 2007 -- 09:00 AM
I had to do some homewok and i left my book at school i realy didn't know to do until i rememberd to use context clues on the words i didnt know

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By R.M      October 2, 2007 -- 09:00 AM
context clues I do not like! But they are so easy! thew way I find them out to read the words around it!

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By ml      September 28, 2007 -- 11:33 AM
I know that I do not always have to get a dictionary to look up words I do not know. I don't like doing that when I am reading. I like to use the words around the word I don't know to help me find the meaning.

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By md      February 11, 2007 -- 01:29 PM
I can read a sentence and then come to a word I do not know the meaning of. I don't like getting the dictionary to look it up, so I read the rest of the sentence and it helps me to understand the meaning of the hard word.

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