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School Reform
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11.  Book
The Unschooled Mind: How Children Think and How...
Merging cognitive science with educational agenda, Gardner shows how ill-suited our minds and natural patterns of learning are to current educational materia...
Grades: University
12.  Book
Schools For The 21st Century
Schlechty's common-sense approach to restructuring is combined with a strategic planner's vision and the translation of beliefs into action... A wide audienc...
Grades: University
13.  Book
Schools That Learn
Author Peter Senge and his Fifth Discipline team have written Schools That Learn because educators have asked for a book that focuses specifically on schools...
Grades: University
14.  Web Site
School Stories of School Reform
A collection of short essays capturing the successes and challenges of real schools in the process of schoolwide improvement. (Keywords: best practices, res...
15.  Web Site
New Dimensions
Businesses are using new ways of working and learning. Schools, investigating integration, are following suit. Schools can use a similar Web model that encom...
16.  Web Site
Critical Issues in Leadership
Use the Trip Planner Survey Tool to help prioritize your use of resources within Pathways Web Site. The Critical issues articles provide research, best pract...
17.  Web Site
Global Campaign for Education-U.S. Chapter
The Global Campaign for Education (GCE) is a coalition of nonprofit education and religious organizations, teachers unions and children’s advocates working t...
Curriculum: Other
18.  Web Site
John Dewey
John Dewey was way ahead of other theorists of his time. His ideas described in The School and Society (1899) has remarkable significance to the field of edu...
Grades: 10, 11, 12, Junior/Community College, University
19.  Web Site
An Educator's Guide to Schoolwide Reform
This report examines 24 schoolwide approaches where the American Institutes for Research (AIR) rated their effectiveness in raising student achievement and ...
20.  Web Site
The Annenberg Institute for School Reform
This non-profit organization develops, shares and acts on knowledge that improves the conditions and outcomes of schooling in America, especially in urban co...

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"I am in the process of converting my moodle and portal webpages that I use in Pinellas County to my eCoach websites. I have decided to break my websites up into units instead of courses, because I keep getting switched around from various grade levels and content areas (Reading vs. Language Arts) - But I don’t want to lose my lessons. For example I currently teach 7th grade reading and we do a unit on Egypt, but two years ago I taught 6th grade and we also touched on Egypt. I want my resources to be middle school level and fluid enough for me to adapt to whatever grade I’m teaching. It will take some time, but I think it will help out in the long run. Thanks again for eCoach!! I Love It!!"

Heather Rudolph
7th Grade Teacher
Pinellas County Schools, Florida

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