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Directory > Objects/Symbols and Signs > Flags

52 Resources

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41.  Image
Flag of Gabon
Curriculum: History/Social Science
42.  Image
Flag of Austria
Curriculum: History/Social Science
43.  Image
Flag of Senegal
Curriculum: History/Social Science
44.  Image
Flag of Cameroon
Curriculum: History/Social Science
45.  Image
Flag of Italy
Curriculum: History/Social Science
46.  Image
Flag of Belgium
Curriculum: History/Social Science
47.  Image
Flag of France
The three colors of the French flag blue, white, and red are known as the French Tricouleur (Tricolor).
Curriculum: History/Social Science
48.  Image
Flag of Ireland
Curriculum: History/Social Science
49.  Image
Flag of Panama
Curriculum: History/Social Science
50.  Image
Flag of the United States
In 1776 Betsy Ross sewed the first flag of the United States. Today the flag consists of thirteen horizontal stripes, seven red alternating with 6 white. The...
Curriculum: History/Social Science

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