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    311.  Image
    Central Park Promenade
    Walking through trees on a beautiful day in Central Park, New York City
    312.  Image
    Central Park Walkway
    Walkway around the lake in Central Park, New York City
    313.  Image
    Bay Area Rapid Transit
    A photo of San Francisco Bay Area's subway car - BART
    314.  Image
    Red Square in Moscow
    Overview of Red Square in Moscow, Russia
    315.  Image
    Kuskovo Museum Gardens
    Gardens outside the Kuskovo Museum in Moscow, Russia
    316.  Image
    Yosemite Falls
    Majestic Yosemite Falls in late May. Yosemite Falls is the tallest waterfall in North America.
    Curriculum: Science
    317.  Image
    An image of a June sunset in Seattle, Washington.
    318.  Image
    Carriage Horses
    A picture of two carriage horses.
    319.  Image
    A 10-speed bicycle
    320.  Image
    Boat Captain
    A photo of a boat captain.

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