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Language Arts
Directory > Language Arts

15 subcategories 274 Projects 707 Resources

  • Alphabet (14)
  • Authors (275)
  • ESL/Bilingual (32)
  • Graphic Organizers (35)
  • Information Literacy (72)
  • Legends and Myths (58)
  • Library Skills (29)
  • Listening and Speaking (150)
  • Literature and Stories (207)
  • Poetry (58)
  • Reading (238)
  • Reference Tools (75)
  • Spelling and Grammar (34)
  • Vocabulary (41)
  • Writing (278)

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    Results 81 thru 90 of 274 total projects.

    81.  Universal
    Of Mice and Men
    This is the great American novel of loneliness, of love and need, of homeless and rootl...
    Curriculum: English/Language Arts, Fine Arts, History/Social Science, Performing Arts, Technology
    Grades: 8, 9

    82.  Universal
    We’ve had so much fun this year using our Bay Farm website as a place to work on activi...

    83.  Universal
    Online Resources for Reading, Sharing and Respo...
    On these pages you can easily find reources used for reading, sharing and responding to...
    Curriculum: Reading
    Grades: 6, 7, 8

    84.  Universal
    Finding Your Inner Lorax to Help Protect Our En...
    This WebQuest is intended for a 5th grade class as a Language Arts lesson. It can ...
    Grades: 5

    85.  Universal
    Tuck Everlasting
    Imagine coming upon a fountain of youth in a forest. To live forever--isn’t that everyo...
    Grades: 5, 6, 7

    86.  Universal
    Happily Ever After- ?
    Students will explore a selection of classic and modern fairy tales, focusing on...
    Curriculum: Reading
    Grades: K

    87.  Universal
    Convince Me
    OverviewThis debate project was created to teach middle school students to explore a cu...
    Curriculum: Technology
    Grades: 7, 8

    88.  Universal
    In Our Classroom, Everyone is a Student and Eve...
           I would like my students to ...
    Curriculum: Technology
    Grades: 4

    89.  Web Resource List (WRL)
    Mildred Taylor Author Study
    Use the following sites to conduct research into the world of Taylor's characters....
    Curriculum: English/Language Arts
    Grades: 6

    90.  Custom Project v1.2
    My Alphabet Book
    In the begining of the year, I will introduce all of the letters and sounds. We wi...
    Curriculum: English/Language Arts
    Grades: K


    Results 81 thru 90 of 707 total resources.

    81.  Web Site
    Information Literacy Skills (Big6)
    Big6 Skills Information Problem-Solving Approach to Library and Information Skills Inst...
    Curriculum: Science, Mathematics, History/Social Science, English/Language Arts
    Grades: All
    82.  Web Site
    This site is a wiki for those interested in curriculum resources. Anyone can post webs...
    Curriculum: Education
    Grades: K, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12
    83.  Web Site
    Songs that Build Phonological Awareness
    This website contains a list of songs that can be used as activities to promote phonolo...
    Curriculum: Reading
    Grades: Pre-K, K, 1, 2
    84.  Web Site
    SparkTop.Org For Teachers
    A website for parents and educators who would like help addressing the needs of student...
    Curriculum: English/Language Arts
    Grades: 2, 3, 4, 5, 6
    85.  Web Site
    Teacher Xpress
    Developed in Cambridge, UK, this website presents links to many, many websites that hav...
    Curriculum: Education
    Grades: All
    86.  Web Site
    Story Bee
    Stories for all ages can be heard at this site, which features nationally known tellers...
    Curriculum: English/Language Arts
    Grades: Pre-K, K, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12
    87.  Web Site
    The Poetics of Hip Hop
    Analysis of hip hop music and lyrics can provide students with a greater understanding ...
    Curriculum: Performing Arts, English/Language Arts
    Grades: 11, 12
    88.  Web Site
    Poetry for Kids
    Poet Kenn Nesbitt's site offers a large number of his poems, as well as poetry lessons,...
    Curriculum: English/Language Arts
    Grades: K, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8
    89.  Web Site
    Designed as a parent's guide that helps identify difficulties, offers management strate...
    Curriculum: Special Education
    Grades: K, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12
    90.  Web Site
    INFOMINE is a virtual library of Internet resources relevant to faculty, students, and ...
    Curriculum: Professional Development
    Grades: University

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    "I am a teacher at 107th elementary school in LAUSD, an inner-city school. Everything good that is given to us - is then taken away. The CADRE has brought art, music, dance, drama and light to a very difficult academic community. The Cadre is the only wonderful experience happening at 107th street school - this program needs to be continually funded. As well as encouraging students to find new areas of expertise, the teachers participate and learn about programs new to them as well. The Kathryn Dunham Dance Company was totally inspiring and intriguing as I got a taste of the dance the students would learn. The Marchall Dance Company was the only HOLIDAY PROGRAM my 1st graders received this year - and it was a dandy! Just Great! Samuel, a 1st grader in my class, was called to join in the welcoming dance and my whole class was proud of him and he was elated. Please, continue the funding for the CADRE. Thank you. Rosemary Pluskat"

    Rosemary Pluskat
    We need you!
    LAUSD - Los Angeles, California

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