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  • Technology Integration (63)
  • Basic Use (22)
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  • CyberSafety (18)
  • Databases (5)
  • Design Curriculum Projects (56)
  • Distance Learning/eLearning (21)
  • Email, Blogs, Chat, Wikis (36)
  • ePortfolios (13)
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  • Ethics and Social Issues (34)
  • File Management (9)
  • Graphics (49)
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  • Integrated Solutions (41)
  • Interactive Whiteboards (6)
  • Internet (115)
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  • Lesson Plan (55)
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  • Mobile Learning (10)
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  • Presentations (61)
  • Social Media (11)
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  • Web Design (16)
  • Word Processing (6)

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    Results 211 thru 220 of 290 total projects.

    211.  Web Resource List (WRL)
    Using Podcasts for Communication
    Perhaps you've dabbled with Garageband, the students all have! What makes an audio fil...
    Curriculum: English/Language Arts, History/Social Science, Mathematics, Reading, Science, Economics, ESL, Fine Arts
    Grades: 7, 8

    212.  Web Resource List (WRL)
    Wiki-Collaborative Communication
    Investigate What is a wiki, see classroom examples, and find out where to make one.
    Curriculum: English/Language Arts, History/Social Science, Mathematics, Reading, Science, Economics, ESL, Fine Arts, Geography, Physical Education
    Grades: 7, 8

    213.  Web Resource List (WRL)
    What's a Blog? How can I use one to Communicate?
    How are Blogs enhancing classroom communication? Take a look and then decide if bloggi...
    Curriculum: Fine Arts, ESL, Science, Reading, Mathematics, History/Social Science, English/Language Arts, Geography, Physical Education, Technology
    Grades: 7, 8

    214.  Universal
    In Our Classroom, Everyone is a Student and Eve...
           I would like my students to ...
    Curriculum: Technology
    Grades: 4

    215.  Universal
    The Ohlone Native Americans
    SummaryThe Ohlone Native Americans inhabited the central coastal regions of Cali...
    Grades: 3

    216.  Universal
    Podcasts: A Whole New .WAV of Communication
    Grades: All

    217.  Universal
    Heaven and Hell

    218.  Custom Project v1.2
    America the Beautiful
    In this project, 5th graders will explore America utilizing a variety of internet func...
    Curriculum: Mathematics, History/Social Science, Geography, English/Language Arts, Computer Science, Science
    Grades: 5

    219.  Universal
    Multimedia Club Projects

    220.  Universal
    A Road Once Travelled
    SummaryStudents will learn about historical events through the eyes of their grand...
    Curriculum: English/Language Arts
    Grades: 4


    Results 211 thru 220 of 326 total resources.

    211.  Web Site
    Center for Technology and Teacher Education
    The goal of the Center is to prepare K-12 teachers to integrate technology effectively ...
    Curriculum: English/Language Arts, History/Social Science, Mathematics, Reading, Science
    Grades: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12
    212.  Web Site
    Project Impact
    The goal of the Impact Project is to develop resources to facilitate appropriate uses o...
    Curriculum: Technology
    Grades: University
    213.  Web Site
    Acceptable Use Policies
    An electronic "handbook" that provides links to various sources of information that may...
    214.  Image
    An graphic illustration of modern teapot.
    215.  Book
    Blueprint to the Digital Economy
    Creating Wealth in the Era of E-Business - Building on the message of Don Tapscott's hi...
    Curriculum: Business
    Grades: University
    216.  Book
    Brave New Schools
    Challenging Cultural Illiteracy through Global Learning Networks - Brave New Schools is...
    217.  Book
    The Presenter's Fieldbook: A Practical Guide
    Become an expert presenter using the secrets of master presenters in this easy-to-read ...
    Curriculum: Technology
    218.  Web Site
    Internet Safety Connections Game
    Interactive online game where students are asked to answer questions how they would act...
    Curriculum: Technology
    Grades: K, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5
    219.  Web Site
    The A B C Ds of Evaluating Internet Resources
    Web pages should be evaluated carefully using some of the same criteria one uses to eva...
    Curriculum: Technology
    220.  Web Site
    WebQuest: Websites - Which Ones Should You Trust?
    Anyone can make a website. How do you know whether or not to trust what you read online...
    Curriculum: Technology

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    Through the years, My eCoach has been here and it is strong and better than ever by providing an incredible support to teachers all over the world! Every time I receive a newsletter from Barbara my heart sings because I know she cares about all the teachers who rely on her website and community to excel in their teaching career. I say it because I rely on her and this site!

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