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  Membership Pricing

Individual Lifetime Membership
One time fee of $35 for life!
New Teams $200 for set-up and one year of hosting plus $35 per
new member

Class Teams
$100/school year for up to 40 students
Renew Teams
$100/year for hosting

Archive Teams
$50/year for eCoach access only

Website Domain Name
Ability to have your own domain redirect for $15
(redirect from url to http://yourname.my-ecoach.com)

Annual Subscriptions We offer annual subscriptions for any size organization.
This option gives members a one-year access to all of the features.
Annual subscriptions can be added to a team for $200/annual fee.
1-9 members $25.00/subscription
10-50 members $10.00/subscription
51-100 members $9.00/subscription
101-150 members $8.00/subscription
151-200 members $7.00/subscription
201-300 members $6.00/subscription
301-500 members $5.00/subscription
501-1,000 members $4.00/subscription
1,001-3,000 members $3.00/subscription
3,001-7,500 members $2.00/subscription
7,500-15,000 members $1.00/subscription
15,001-25,000 members $.75/subscription
25,000+ members $.50/subscription
over 100,000 members Negotiate price
eCoaching Our Basic eCoach Training is offered online and on-site. Prices and workshops vary depending on the experience of your coaches.
Basic eCoach

Our Basic eCoach Training is offered online and on-site. Prices and workshops vary depending on the experience of your coaches.
Advanced eCoach
Advanced eCoach Certification is offered at our site with one year of online coaching support from $500 to $750. Recertification is $125/year.
Funding Did you know that My eCoach tools and services align to the requirements of The American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009 (ARRA) and other funding sources? Learn more in our frequently asked questions...

"I am a teacher at 107th elementary school in LAUSD, an inner-city school. Everything good that is given to us - is then taken away. The CADRE has brought art, music, dance, drama and light to a very difficult academic community. The Cadre is the only wonderful experience happening at 107th street school - this program needs to be continually funded. As well as encouraging students to find new areas of expertise, the teachers participate and learn about programs new to them as well. The Kathryn Dunham Dance Company was totally inspiring and intriguing as I got a taste of the dance the students would learn. The Marchall Dance Company was the only HOLIDAY PROGRAM my 1st graders received this year - and it was a dandy! Just Great! Samuel, a 1st grader in my class, was called to join in the welcoming dance and my whole class was proud of him and he was elated. Please, continue the funding for the CADRE. Thank you. Rosemary Pluskat"

Rosemary Pluskat
We need you!
LAUSD - Los Angeles, California

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