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My eCoach® Online is an online coaching a mentoring system designed to bring educators together to communicate and collaborate. As my Master's project, I co-developed this program based on instructional design principles. Launched in June 2003, My eCoach® Online is now being used all over the United States in school districts, regional centers, universities, and elsewhere. The development of this system could not have been made without the input from several teachers, instructional designers, and graduate students.

I would like to put together an team of graduate students, post-graduate students, and others in the field of Instructional Technology, Design, Systems using My eCoach® Online so that they have a virtual area to meet, collaborate, and help one another in the development of their own projects. With My eCoach® Online, users can:

  • exchange ideas and seek help from others
  • develop curriculum projects aligned to standards
  • access copyright-free images, video clips, clip art, and more resources
  • create simple web pages hosted on our server
  • join a growing online membership of educators and students

If you are interested in being a part of My eCoach® Online and a team of like-minded educators and students, please contact me!


Try a trial account to check it out. Go to

If you are interested in joining, please contact me via email. The normal membership fee is $60/year, but participants in this team can pay only $35 - this covers server space, maintainance, etc.







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Last Updated - April 2004