Wilhelm Wundt

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  • Tubingen University (1851)
  • University of Heidelberg, M.D.(1856)

Career Highlights

  • Professor of Inductive Philosophy at Zurich University (1874)
  • Professor of Inductive Philosophy at Lepzig University (1875-1917)

Major Contributions to Instructional Development

  • Considered “Father of Psychology” and the "Founder of Modern Psychology"
  • Established the first laboratory dedicated to experimental psychology

Findings, Research, Studies

Wilheim Wundt is credited to be the “Father of Psychology.” He established the first laboratory in the world dedicated to experimental psychology. According to DiVesta (The Cognitive Movement and Education, 1987), “Wundt saw cognition as an active, creative process aimed at providing structure to experiences.” Wundt believed that the mind is active and creative – what is stored in memory are the creations of the learner. The process in which the mind functions to produce learning is not merely an accumulation of facts and instances. Rather, learning occurs when understanding is achieved. In Wundt’s findings, contrast is important for increasing the precision of understanding. Creativity is produced from the idea of contrast. Ironically, his findings were not considered his greatest accomplishment. In fact, it was because of his work that psychology became a valid experimental science.


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