Nuestra vida en el pasado y en la actualidad
¿Cómo éramos en el pasado? ¿Qué tecnología usábamos? ¿Qué usamos ahora?

Ruth Pachas

Table of Contents:
Setting the stage
    • Introduction
    • El avance de la tecnología
Comprehensible Input
    • La vida de Sofia
    • Verdadero o Falso
Guided Practice
    • Usos del Imperfecto y del Pretérito
    • ¿Pretérito o Imperfecto?
    • Cuando era una niña o niño
    • Antes y Ahora
    • Composicion "Cuando era joven"

Setting the stage:


These slides show pictures of children and activities we all used to do in the past.

El avance de la tecnología

This video serves as an introduction to discuss more about technology.

Comprehensible Input:

La vida de Sofia

La vida de Sofia

These slides describe events in Sofia’s life and what technological devices she used or were used in the past.

Verdadero o Falso

La vida de Sofia

After listening to o Sofia’s story students will do this True/False activity.

Guided Practice:

Usos del Imperfecto y del Pretérito

Diagrama de Venn

This Venn Diagram helps comparing the uses of both tenses and their frequency adverbs.

¿Pretérito o Imperfecto?

Preterito o Imperfecto

This chart will help students identify and categorize sentences they hear into preterito o imperfecto.



Cuando era una niña o niño

Cuando era

After comparing the use of both tenses, students will make a little book titled "cuando era una niña o niño" following the rubric.


Antes y Ahora

Rubrica Antes y Ahora

Through this project students will compare the technological devices they, their parents, teachers, or other people used to use in the past and the devices they use nowadays.  The rubric attached will help them complete the project.


Composicion "Cuando era joven"


Students will write a three paragraph essay describing their routine, the technology they used and their hobbies in the past using the preterite and imperfect tense.