Place Value Strips

What is place value?

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Place Value. Leilani Pedroni. 2003. My eCoach Online.

Activity Description

Lesson Objective:

Students will be able to count, read, and write whole numbers to 1,000 and identify the place value for each digit.


Teacher prepare pre-written/traceable place value strips for students who have difficulties writing numbers in a timely fashion.


Teacher will check student responses to whole group student activities and assigned independent work.


Two laminated construction strips for each student 1×9 inches long following the “Place Value Strip” document, dry erase markers for each student

Activity Directions

1. (Review Grouping) On an overhead or the board, write "265". Using base ten block manipulatives invite a student to show the number using the base-10 blocks. Repeat this excercise a few more times making sure to point out the one

2. Distribute the "hundreds" place value strips and dry-erase markers.

3. Explain to students that you will be calling out a number that they must write down in the rectangular region at the far left. After the equal sign, students place the single digit beside each appropriate place-value name.

4. Say "265". (Since this was an example done earlier in the lesson, this should be easy to do). Check to make sure students write "265" in the far left rectangle. Ask students what place value is the five (ones), six (tens), and two (hundreds). Have students write these numbers in the correct place on the strip.

5. Ask students to fold the strip on the dotted lines to show the number in compact form (see Place Value Strip document). Show students how the number can be displayed in other forms of the number by unfolding/folding sections of the strip. (e.g. 265 = 26 tens + 5 ones or 265 = 2 hundreds + 65 ones)

6. Call out three or four more three-digit numbers for students to do. Have them hold up their anwers and practice exposing different forms of the number.

7. Distribute the "thousands" place value strips. Explain that students will learn how to identify the thousands place value.

8. Model a few numbers with thousands place value. Model a hundreds number using the thousands place value strip noting that the thousands place value name should not have a number in front of it.

9. Distribute the Place Value worksheet for independent practice. Allow students to use the place value strips for help.

Resources Required

1.Place Value StripHandout
2.Place Value WorksheetHandout
3.Place Value - Thousands TemplateHandout

30 minutes

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