Texas Dwellings

Home Sweet Home ?

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Sandra Shields, Lisa Scroggins

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Lee, Russell. "Squatters in Mexican section in San Antonio, Texas" American Memory 1939. 12 January 2004

Activity Description

Texas had many occupants over the years. In this activity you will learn of different types of housing.

Activity Directions

1. Using resources below, choose two periods from Texas.

2. After selection has been made, choose one type of housing that depicts each period.

3. Right click on images selected and import to a Microsoft Word document.

4. Write a compare and contrast essay discussing the two types of housing selected.( Put this on the same page as your pictures. )

5. Determine the original use for each example. ( i.e. temporary shelter, permanent dwelling, barn, etc.)

6. Note and describe the materials used and why they were used.

Resources Required

1.Lone Star - The story of TexasBook
2.American MemoryWeb Site

2 hours

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