Remembering the Holocaust

How did the Holocaust affect society? What were the lasting affects of the Holocaust on the Jewish community?

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Rosie Scholz

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"Number the Stars" by Lowis Lowry

Activity Description

Students will be reading the novel Number the Stars by Lois Lowry. The novel deals with the Nazis invasion of Copenhagen, Denmark and how the community had to pull together to help the Jewish people. Each student will work in a small group as a roving reporter. Using a variety of sites that focus on the Holocaust, students will gather valuable information for the creation of a class newspaper. The newspaper will detail the affects of the Holocaust on all aspects of society. Each group will take a different component of the newspaper to research, write up, and present to the class and parents.

Throughout the year the students will be introduced to variety of novels. Each novel will depict a different time in history and the characteristics of the people involved. Students will apply the knowledge that they have gained through each of our previous novel studies, in a detailed examination of the Holocaust. This educational journey will be supported by a novel study, research project, and an orally read account of a childs perspective on the Holocaust.

Understanding Goals:
No understanding goals have been identified yet.

Teacher observations, Stsdent self-evaluations, checklist, rubric, writing piece, response questions, to help assess their progress in researching, Holocaust related worksheet, group discussions, presentation, visuals

Student Introduction to Project:
Youve been given the opportunity to go back in time. Your journey will take you back to Europe in 1943. Your mission is to gather information about the Nazis expansion throughout Europe and how it is affecting both the Jewish community and non-Jewish people. You have one week to gather all the information that you will need to compose a newspaper article on a related topic. Good luck and be safe!

Activity Directions

1. Work within your group to make a plan for your research project. This plan should include a brainstormed list of resources that the group can utilize to obtain information, assigning group roles, action research plan, and possible search words for your topic.

2. Once youíve accomplished those items-you are ready to explore the book marked sites. (I will perform a minilesson on the proper navigation of these sites.)

3. Using your research sheets gather information that pertains to your topic. Remember to use the help sheets for guidance. (The help sheets are in folders that are in a chair pocket at each computer.)

4. Once youíve gathered enough information, sit as a group and web the ideas that need to be incorporated into your articles. Every memberís input is very important to the successful completion of this task.

5. Once your brainstorming is complete you may begin to type your articles using Microsoft Word. (I will perform a benchmark lesson on the proper technique to be used.) Please refer to the how to sheet in your folder.

6. Have your first draft buddy checked and then please bring a hard copy to our next group conference.

7. Revise your first draft based upon the suggestions from your buddy checker and myself.

8. Bring the copy with corrections to group conference.

9. At this time you may select illustrations, digital pictures, and/or pictures to be placed into your document. Refer to the how to in your folder for guidance.

10. Refer to your rubric and checklist to ensure that youíve accomplished the task up to the standards that were laid out for you.

11. If additional changes are not necessary you may save the draft to the class newspaper disk.

12. Work with your group to identify each memberís role in the final presentation.

Resources Required

1.Virtual MuseumsWeb Site

1 hour a day
for 5 days each week for 2 weeks.

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