The Bike Route

Connecting Representations of Functions

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Activity Description

The instructional strategy for the introduction of functions is through whole group instruction using the following scenario for graphing data. Students will also work in pairs to develop a written narrative of events that occur as discussed in the bike route.

Activity Directions

1. Teacher note:Discuss with students the factors, which affect the speed of Bill’s trip to the ball park. Ask students “what factors might interrupt his journey to the ball park?”

2. Teacher note: Encourage ideas that include factors that affect speed, such as, stop signs, hills, flat tire, weather, pot-holes. To draw graphs for Bill’s trip, remember to concentrate on the speed of his ride over time. Ask students the following question to further develop their thoughts, “What would the graph of Bill’s speed look like if he had to stop to fix a flat tire half way to the ballpark?”

3. Have students working in pairs, write a story that represents the eventful trip Bill makes to the ball park..

4. Student activity: • Given paper and pencil, students will draw a graph representing the story they have created about the route to the ball park. Ask students to imagine, “what would Bill’s route look like in the form of a graph?

5. Whole group: Students share their stories about Bill’s trip to the ball park. As part of their story, students should be asked to share include the different factors influencing their interpretations.

Resources Required

1.graphing functions sample using a CBRWeb SiteHardware:
LCD Projection Device
Graphing Calculators


45 minutes a day
for 1 day

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