The Fibonacci Sequence

Patterns are everywhere we look. Fibonacci noticed them as early as the 13th Century. Can you recognize numerical patterns when looking at a series of numbers?

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Activity Description

Leonardo of Pisa was a 13th century mathematician that discovered a recurring pattern in nature. You will research his discovery and learn how to recognize and create your own patterns.

Activity Directions

1. Look at the web resources in The Fibonacci Number Theory activity.

2. Read and learn all that you can about Leonardo Fibonacci and his Fibonacci Sequence.

3. Next, go to the websites The Golden Ratio in Nature.

4. Apply what you have learned by downloading the Fibonacci Practice document and completing the questions.

5. Create a table of the first 30 numbers in the Fibonacci Sequence. Use different colors to shade the multiples of the Fibonacci numbers 2, 3, 5 and 8. Does a pattern emerge?

Resources Required

1.The Fibonacci Number Theory Web SiteHardware:
2.The Golden Ratio in NatureWeb SiteHardware:
3.Fibonacci PracticeHandout

Microsoft Office

30 minutes a day
for 5 days

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