You're Going To Flip For Newbery Winners!

Researching and Reading Newbery Book Award Winners

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Pam Lowe

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Activity Description

The Newbery Medal has been awarded annually since 1922 by the American Library Association for the most distinguished American children’s book published the previous year. In this activity you will research the history of the Newbery Award, choose a Newbery Award Book and share your knowledge by creating a valuable resource, a flip book for students visiting our school library.

Activity Directions

1. Research the Newbery Award at the links listed below: ALCS and The Newbery Medal.

2. Become familiar with the award and the criteria for the award.

3. Select a book from the Newbery Award List.

4. Check out the book from our school library and read it.

5. If you like that book, create your flip book using the directions below. If not, search the Newbery Award List again and choose another book. Our school library and librarian will be good references.

6. Tap into your creativity and use the tools available to you. This would include markers, crayons, colored pencils, your computer, Microsoft Word, etc.

Resources Required

1.ALSCWeb SiteHardware:
2.The Newbery MedalWeb SiteHardware:
3.Newberys By DateWeb SiteHardware:
4.Newbery Award Winners By AR LevelsWeb SiteHardware:
5.Newbery Award Flip Book DirectionsHandoutHardware:

Microsoft Office

1 hour a day
for 5 days each week for 3 weeks.

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