Automobile Leasing

Why Should I Lease a Car?

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Cameron Salehi

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Activity Description

You will be working with a partner to complete a web quest on automobile leasing. Follow the directions below and turn in all requested work by the end of the period. Mr. Salehi

Activity Directions

1. Upload the practical math worksheet below (in Microsoft Word). Follow the attached directions and turn in at the end of the period.

2. Click on the "Automobile Leasing" link below and explore the different pages. Make sure you read and understand each page before you go onto the next.

3. Complete the lease calculator activity, copy it down, and turn it in at the end of the period.

Resources Required

1.Automobile LeasingWeb SiteHardware:

Microsoft Office
2.Practical Math Activity WorksheetHandoutHardware:

Microsoft Office
Practical Math Activity.doc

1 hour a day
for 1 day

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