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How to Get Multiple Grades from Your Projects

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Carmen Marty

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Activity Description

You spend two weeks on a WebQuest and when you are finished you only have one grade to show for it. In this activity you will look at your assessment practices and see how you can take multiple grades on one project.

Activity Directions

1. Read and discuss the purple and green sections of the web site "A Well Balanced Diet".

2. Choose a WebQuest that you would like to use in your room (a link to the eMINTS WebQuest Matrix is provided) or think of a project that you do in your room.

3. Download the Inspiration file to assist you with brainstorming ways to get multiple assessments on your WebQuest or Project.

4. Share your activity and web with the group.

5. Revisit the web site "A Well Balanced Diet". Scroll down to the red resource section and view the assessment tools.

6. Head back to your classroom and use your new assessment methods to gather evidence of student understanding!

Resources Required

1.A Well Balanced DietWeb SiteHardware:
Internet Access
2.eMINTS WebQuest MatrixWeb Site
3.Assessment Brainstorm WebHandout
Assessment Web.isf

2 hours

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