Web Design Roles

How do Designers Work in the Real World?

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Carmel Crane

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Activity Description

Web design is a complex process that includes several stages. This activity enables you to discover the roles involved in web design and try them on for size!

Activity Directions

1. In small groups compare and contrast two of the youth-made web sites that have been posted around the classroom.

2. As a class, come up with the specific job roles involved in web design .

3. After deciding the roles, work in small groups to find descriptions of the jobs on the web.

4. Write a brainstorm and short paragraph describing your individual web page

5. Meet in small groups to discuss your ideas. Students listen then provide feedback using the critical friends model. (I like this....I wonder if...I think_________ may take your project to the next level.)

Resources Required

1.Plugged-inWeb Site
2.Wat iz it?Web Site
3.Girl HealthWeb Site

Time For Activity

2 hours and 30 minutes

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