Historical Forts

How did U.S. forts help in expanding our country toward the west?

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Emily Rosa, Ellen Hum

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Byrd, Shanna. Civil War Soldiers on Horseback. fort2.jpg. 2003. My eCoach® eLibrary. Online. Available. 7 June 2005.

Activity Description

This activity is to be used with the Historical Forts Web Resource List. Students will research different forts in the United States, then choose one to write about and share with the class.

Activity Directions

1. Prepare your worksheet and use it to record the information you find as you follow these directions.

2. Go to the Web Resource List and click on Historic Forts of the Old West web site.

3. Scroll to the state you have chosen and read about the forts in that state.

4. Choose one fort from that state to research.

5. Use this website to answer as many questions on your worksheet as you can.

6. For more information, go to Fort Tours web site and click on one of the five regional maps.

7. Find the specific location of this fort on the regional map.

8. Close the regional map window and then click on the first letter of the Forts name.

9. Click on the name of the fort to find more information.

10. Be sure you have filled in all the information requested on your worksheet.

11. Prepare to present this research report to the class. You may include pictures, drawings, and/or a model of this fort in your presentation.

Resources Required

1.Historical Forts Web Resource ListWeb Site
2.Historical Forts WorksheetHandout

1 hour a day
for 2 days

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