Communication of a Nonverbal Animal With Another Species

How could a gorilla use the conventions of American Sign Lanugage to communicate?

Created by
Ramonetta Holt, Ashley Maxey, Donita Edgell

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Mishne, Jenith. Hungry Dog. hungrydog.jpg. 2003. My eCoach® eLibrary. Online. Available. 18 August 2005.

Activity Description

Discuss conventions of American Sign Language (ASL). You can work in pairs to learn the fingerspelling alphabet by using downloaded copies of the ASL alphabet. Learn signs for 10 different words related to KoKo the Gorillas and perform a sentence relating to this subject.

Activity Directions

1. Watch a video on American Sign Language.

2. After watching this video, discuss the main way people communicate.

3. Download the ASL fingerspelling alphabet.

4. Enlarge this alphabet and overlay your hands on the worksheet to help you learn this alphabet.

5. Continue to practice with your partner until you can make a related sentence about the story of KoKo the kitten.

Resources Required

1.Using ASL fingerspelling Web SiteHardware:
Internet Access
2.ASL Fingerspelling alphabetWeb SiteHardware:
Internet Access

30 minutes a day
for 3 days

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