Who Wants a Cookie?

Do Units and Vocabulary Matter?

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Gary Strickland

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Activity Description

In this activity you will follow a simple recipe to make chocolate chip cookies. The problem is that the recipe uses units of measure and vocabulary that is unfamiliar to you. Your task is to translate the recipe into “normal” language. Your assignment is to completely translate the recipe into US measurements and change the procedure into common language. You will turn in the translated recipe for a grade. You are to then follow your recipe and bake a batch of cookies. We will enjoy the cookies in class.

Activity Directions

1. Print out the chocolate chip cookie recipe.

2. Convert the units into the appropriate English units of cups, Tablespoons, and teaspoons.

3. Identify the ingredients by their household names.

4. Translate the procedure into common language.

5. Write out the recipe to turn in for a grade.

6. Bake a batch of cookies at home for class.

7. Review the website for help with converting unit factors.

8. Use resources approved by your teacher.

Resources Required

1.Chocolate Chip Cookie RecipeHandoutHardware:

Adobe Reader
Chocolate Chip Cookies_chemistry.pdf
2.The Factor-Label Method or Dimensional AWeb SiteHardware:

Microsoft Office

45 minutes a day
for 3 days

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