Our Solar System

Comparing Planets

Created by
Phyllis Bartosiewicz

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Screen capture. Spreadsheet. Phyllis Bartosiewicz. 2006

Activity Description

The idea of visiting another planet and finding creatures living there has fascinated scientists and authors for hundreds, maybe thousands of years. You will use the Science Monster web site to gather data about the planets in our solar system and complete the spreadsheet template. You will use the data to find answers to riddles about our solar system, including the livability of the planets.

Activity Directions

1. Go to the Science Monster web site on our solar system and gather data on each of the planets.

2. Convert the data to proper units (using the calculators found in the spreadsheet template) and record the data in the spreadsheet.

3. Use the sort function of the spreadsheet to sort the data in order to answer questions about our solar system.

4. Choose the planet, other than Earth, you think is most livable. Write a paragraph that identifies and supports your choice.

Resources Required

1.Science Monster: Our Solar SystemWeb Site
2.Solar System Student TemplateCharts and Graphs
3.Michigan Curriculum Standards: ScienceHandout
4.Solar System RiddlesHandout
5.Solar System Riddles KeyHandout
6.Solar System Template KeyCharts and Graphs

1 hour a day
for 3 days

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