Communication of a Nonverbal Animal With Another Species

How could a gorilla use the conventions of American Sign Lanugage to communicate?

Created by,
Ramonetta Holt, Ashley Maxey, Donita Edgell

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Curriculum Snapshot:
Topic:Koko the gorilla and his use of American Sign Language
Themes: Acquire the skills of ASL
Exposure to fingerspelling of ASL
Information about the ASL
Curriculum Areas:Reading
Grade Level(s):4
West Virginia Content Standards
Reading and English Language Arts (2003)
Fourth Grade
Standard 1: Reading (RLA.S.1)
RLA.4.1.8. read with accuracy and comprehension instructional level texts designed for the fourth grade and use self-correction strategies (e.g., search for cues; identify miscues; reread).
Standard 2: Writing (RLA.S.2)
RLA.4.2.3. use proper paragraph form in written composition (e.g., indent the first word of a paragraph; use topic sentence; recognize a paragraph as a group of sentences about one main idea; use an introductory and concluding paragraph; write at least two related paragraphs).

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