The Four Seasons

How are the four seasons of the year different?

Created by,
Ramonetta Holt, Ashley Maxey, Donita Edgell

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Snow Snow Snow. snowing.jpg. 2003. My eCoach® eLibrary. Online. Available. 19 August 2005.

Curriculum Snapshot:
Topic:Physical and environmental changes during the four seasons of the year
Themes: Adaptations to each seasons
individual preferences
Curriculum Areas:Science
Grade Level(s):1
West Virginia Content Standards
Reading and English Language Arts (2003)
First Grade
Standard 1: Reading (RLA.S.1)
RLA.1.1.12. read with accuracy and comprehension instructional level texts designed for the first grade to use self-correction strategies (e.g., search for cues; identify miscues; reread; ask for help).
First Grade
Standard 2: Science as Inquiry (SC.S.2)
SC.1.2.4. collect, record and compare information using a variety of classification systems (e.g., ordering, sorting, sequencing) and using a variety of communication techniques (e.g., sketches, pictographs, models).

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