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Creating an Exemplary Project Plan Linda Ullah
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1. When you log into My eCoach, how will you know if there is a message for you in the Message Center?

2. Under what circumstances might you use "Ask eCoach" in the top right-hand menu bar?

3. What three features of My eCoach that you think will be the most useful to you. Why do you think these will be useful.

4. Where in My eCoach can you find and view your projects and resources?

5. How can you save resources and project plans you find in the eLibrary so you can find and use them later

6. What can be kept (saved) in My Locker?

7. Which Project Builder(s) will be using for EWYL?

8. If you are working with a partner or partners, what tools in My eCoach will help you do this?

9. How do you select the standards you'll be using for your project plan. (Both initially for major standards topics, and during project planning for selecting specific standards for the whole project and for each activity.

10. What kinds of things can you add to your project plan when using the Text Editor in the Develop Section (for activities)

11. How can you create quizes and tests like this one?