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Change Forces: Probing the Depths of Educational Reform

By Michael Fullan
Change Forces is a radically different book on educational reform. It tackles head-on the non-linear and chaotic nature of the forces of change at all levels of society. It shows why we need a new mind-set for contending with the real complexity of dynamic and continous change. Ultimately, Change Forces provides clarity and insights for understanding and coping with the seemingly intractable problems of educational reform.

Change Forces debunks many of the current myths about the roles of vision and strategic planning, site-based management, strong leadership, consensus and accountability. Drawing on research from successful organizations in business as well as in educational systems, Change Forces identifies eight basic lessons about why change is seemingly chaotic and what to do about it. The book brings together the moral purpose of education to produce better citizens regardless of class, gender and ethnicity, and the skills of change necessary for individuals, and systems to contend successfully with the forces of change.

Written in a clear, lively manner Change Forces is a fascinating and intriguing journey. It unravels many of the mysteries of why and how educational reform is inevitably a matter of reconciling the forces of chaos and order as they interact in dynamically complex ways.

ISBN# 1850008264
Published by Falmer Press in 1993

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Curriculum Information For Resource

Grade Level(s):University
Themes/Keywords: Change
School Reform

"I found that taking the time to reflect and write about what I have done for the past month inspiring. I am able to look at the progress my students have made and celebrate their learning."

pictureMichele Farthing
Special Education Teacher
Highlands Middle School - Kennewick, WA

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