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Random Acts of Kindness Foundation

Randomactsofkindness.org is dedicated to providing users with dynamic means to teach, learn, collaborate, grow and communicate the kindness they care about in their unique ways. From simple ideas to expansive activities that can take place at home, in the classroom, on the street or anywhere you choose, randomactsofkindness.org exists as a resource to help us learn new ways to relate when kindness is applied. The mission of the Random Acts of Kindness is to ’inspire people to practice kindness and pass it on to others.’ It offers materials, programs, teacher and student guides, and inspirational resources, including quotes, stories, and even the health benefits of being kind to others.

Published by The Random Acts of Kindness Foundation in 1995

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Curriculum Information For Resource

Grade Level(s):All
Curriculum Areas:Leadership
History/Social Science
English/Language Arts
Themes/Keywords: Acts of Kindness
Community Service

Random, Act of Kindness, Morals, Values, Community Service, Responsibility,

Essential Question(s)
1. What is an act of kindness?

Discussion Question(s)
1. What does the phrase 'Pay it Forward' mean to you?
2. What is the meaning of "Random Act of Kindness"?
3. The RAK (Random Act of Kindness) website has ways to “Step it up” and “Keep it simple,” depending on how much time you might have or what level of involvement you might choose. Give some examples for both these areas.

Extension and Activities
1. History/Social Science: Create a multimedia presentation that centers on 1 of the inspirational quotes. Include a brief biography of the author.
2. Mathematics: Create a survey about Random Acts of Kindness. Graph the results and write a short summary of the findings.
3. Science: Brainstorm and research ideas for Random Acts of Kindness in the areas of health and environment. Create a table illustrating the ways individuals, families/small groups and large groups can participate in Random Acts of Kindness.
4. Language Arts: Create a TV (video) or radio (audio) spot on the topic of Random Acts of Kindness. Share this with your immediate audience and then with the a public audience.

"I am a teacher at 107th elementary school in LAUSD, an inner-city school. Everything good that is given to us - is then taken away. The CADRE has brought art, music, dance, drama and light to a very difficult academic community. The Cadre is the only wonderful experience happening at 107th street school - this program needs to be continually funded. As well as encouraging students to find new areas of expertise, the teachers participate and learn about programs new to them as well. The Kathryn Dunham Dance Company was totally inspiring and intriguing as I got a taste of the dance the students would learn. The Marchall Dance Company was the only HOLIDAY PROGRAM my 1st graders received this year - and it was a dandy! Just Great! Samuel, a 1st grader in my class, was called to join in the welcoming dance and my whole class was proud of him and he was elated. Please, continue the funding for the CADRE. Thank you. Rosemary Pluskat"

Rosemary Pluskat
We need you!
LAUSD - Los Angeles, California

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