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Common Sense Media

This site provides resources and curriculum for all grade levels and parents on Internet Safety, Digital Citizenship, Social Networking, Virtual Worlds and Mobile / Communicating.

The Common Sense Parent Media Education Program and our Digital Citizenship Curriculum give educators, administrators, and parents the tools and curricula they need to guide a generation in becoming responsible digital citizens.

The Educators Programs turns wired students into world-class digital citizens. These programs are completely free to every school or organization that wants to use them. We believe that digital literacy is a baseline requirement of education today, and together we make certain that every school can provide it.

Published by Common Sense Media Inc. in 2011

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Curriculum Information For Resource

Grade Level(s):All
Curriculum Areas:Professional Development
Themes/Keywords: Cyberbullying
Digital Citizenship
Information Literacy
Internet Safety
Online Privacy & Security
Online Research
Plagiarism & Piracy
Social Media
Violence in Media

digital citizenship,cyberbullying, social media, plagiarism, internet safety, privacy, copyright

Essential Question(s)
1. What is Digital Citizenship?
2. What is censorship?

Discussion Question(s)
1. What features does a good search site have?
2. Can you find the advertising on a website?
3. What are the best websites for research?
4. How does copyright affect our choices in using images?
5. What is cyberbullying, and how do you deal with it?
6. How can you protect yourself from online identity theft?

Extension and Activities
1. Students record and compare the features of different search sites and learn to choose the best sites to suit their purposes.
2. Students learn to recognize five different kinds of online ads among the other content on children's sites.
3. Students discuss criteria for rating informational websites.
4. Students reflect on the possibilities and pitfalls of digital media for themselves, for relationships with people close to them, and for society at large.

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Through the years, My eCoach has been here and it is strong and better than ever by providing an incredible support to teachers all over the world! Every time I receive a newsletter from Barbara my heart sings because I know she cares about all the teachers who rely on her website and community to excel in their teaching career. I say it because I rely on her and this site!

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