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A Book in Time: History Books and Crafts

By Carol Henderson
A Book In Time first began years ago when I wanted my students to read some good history books along with our textbook, but was unpleasantly surprised at what a challenge it was to find them. As I found great books, I made a note of each of them, and slowly my notes began to take shape into the booklist that it is today. A Book In Time is published here in order to direct you to the best books based on major historical people and events found in a typical school history study. The reading lists are in chronological order, & separated into World & American History Reading Lists. Each title has a suggested grade level and a short book review. Period crafts, projects and hands-on activities are listed in chronological order based on a historical time period. The website lists by time period other resources such as maps, timelines, online games and interactive activities.

Created in 2003

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Curriculum Information For Resource

Grade Level(s):All
Curriculum Areas:Geography
History/Social Science
English/Language Arts
Themes/Keywords: American History
World History

Early Civilizations, Ancient Cultures, Middle Ages, Modern History, World Wars, Age of Discovery, Early America, Timeline, Chronological, Source Citation

Essential Question(s)
1. What are the key events in American History?
2. What are the important events in World History?

Discussion Question(s)
1. What should be included on a timeline?
2. Where does the timeline for American History fit into the timeline for World History?

Extension and Activities
1. Language Arts: GO to the Craft section and select 'Crafts for All Historical Eras'. Then choose the link to the Food Timeline (http://www.foodtimeline.org/). Research and write a summary for a food used in the BC era. Then add a recipe and your summary to the class cookbook using the food you selected.
2. Language Arts: Find a book that relates to the time period in history that you are currently studying. Read the book and write a review. Submit the book review to the Amazon website page for your book.
3. History/Social Science: GO to the Crafts section for American History and select Radio Programs. Old Time Radio presents You Are There (http://www.archive.org/details/You_Are_There_OTR), programs simulating news reports of various notable days in history aired between 1947 and 1950. Listen to several of the broadcasts. Research a current event and create a podcast.
4. Science: Create a timeline. Include the major historical events, notable people and important scientific achievements.

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