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You Are Here - Where Kids Learn to be Smarter Consumers

In the virtual mall, you can play games, design ads, chat with customers and store owners, and much more. You’ll learn key consumer concepts, such as how advertising affects you, how you benefit when businesses compete, how (and why) to protect your information, and how to spot scams. What better place to do it than at the mall!

Published by Federal Trade Commission

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Curriculum Information For Resource

Grade Level(s):5, 6, 7, 8
Curriculum Areas:Economics
English/Language Arts
Themes/Keywords: cyber safety

consumer, advertising, product, marketing, market place, business competition

Essential Question(s)
1. What do kids need to learn to become informed consumers?
2. Why are kids desirable targets for advertisers?

Discussion Question(s)
1. Children are impressed with certain music and images. What can teachers do to help kids see through the subtle messages of ads?
2. Children is a huge consumer group. What are schools doing to help kids understand that they have the power to change something that is wrong in advertising and products?

Extension and Activities
1. Bring in an ad from a well-known store and ask the class to look through it. Make a list of things that they notice about colors, product placement, and images that caught their attention. Discuss how these elements contribute to the desire to own the products. Connect these to images on television, on the internet, and on billboards. Encourage the class to share an ad that cause them to buy something.

"OK, I admit it. I put off getting active on My eCoach for quite some time. I was busy with daily routines, state reporting needs, student information systems and staffing needs. NOW it is time to spend quality time re-energizing myself and my staff with the fabulous and infinite resources on this site. I will encourage the staff at our school site to spend 30 minutes a day getting acquainted, responding to blogs and growing for the sake of our students!"

pictureGloria Simmons
Education Coordinator
SDCOE - San Diego, CA

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