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Math DL

Journal of Online Mathematics and its Applications offers articles, learning modules, "mathlets" (single-purpose learning tools), reviews of online resources, and a developers' area. Search contents of the journal by type of resource (e.g., article), by subject (e.g., number concepts, data presentation, plane geometry), or both. The journal makes extensive use of graphics, animations, video clips, and other media. Articles and other materials are peer reviewed.
  • Classroom Capsules is on-line version of part of The College Mathematics Journal. The purpose of the capsules is to make easily available, by web search, short mathematical articles, which can give a student new mathematical insights, and instructors effective teaching strategies. The articles might represent a nice application, an unusual point of view or example, or they might give the instructor a non-standard way of presenting the topic in class.
  • MathDL Mathematical Communication is a collection of instructional strategies, materials, and references for having students write and speak about mathematics, whether for the purpose of learning mathematics or learning to communicate as mathematicians.
  • Course Communities in Undergraduate Mathematics (or Course Communities for short) contains a new collection of online resource recommendations. So far we have listed over 340 resources: PDF files, applets, videos, and other formats.
  • The following types of materials will appear in Loci:
    1. Articles
    2. Modules: innovative, class-tested, web-based learning materials that can be used for guided explorations of particular topics in mathematics
    3. Applets: high-quality, self-contained, dynamic, single-purpose learning tools
    4. Reviews: surveys and reviews of important online resources

      Published by Mathematical Association of America, National Science Foundation

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    Curriculum Information For Resource

    Grade Level(s):4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12
    Curriculum Areas:Science
    Themes/Keywords: Algebra
    Developmental Mathematics
    Differential Equations

    Essential Question(s)
    1. Should math educations be separated into the two tracks? Math education is either practical or abstract. One is useful in everyday life and the other is essential for science, engineering or math investigation.

    Discussion Question(s)
    1. How can we communicate about math to reduce math anxiety?
    2. How do we learn to communicate math effectively, in writing or orally?

    "I am in the process of converting my moodle and portal webpages that I use in Pinellas County to my eCoach websites. I have decided to break my websites up into units instead of courses, because I keep getting switched around from various grade levels and content areas (Reading vs. Language Arts) - But I don’t want to lose my lessons. For example I currently teach 7th grade reading and we do a unit on Egypt, but two years ago I taught 6th grade and we also touched on Egypt. I want my resources to be middle school level and fluid enough for me to adapt to whatever grade I’m teaching. It will take some time, but I think it will help out in the long run. Thanks again for eCoach!! I Love It!!"

    Heather Rudolph
    7th Grade Teacher
    Pinellas County Schools, Florida

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