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The Theatre Action Project

Theatre Action Project (TAP) uses the creative arts to activate the academic, social and emotional development of young people. The TAP programs reach more than 16,000 young people in the Austin, TX area.

Through interactive classroom performances, after school residencies and community based programs, TAP's team of professional teaching artists inspire youth to be creative artists, courageous allies, critical thinkers and confident leaders in their community.

Their programs include:
TAP in the Classroom
Youth Theatre Ensembles
TAP After-School
TAP in the Community and Camps

Current Interactive performances:
The Heroes/Los Heroes (K-2nd)
Journey Into the Story (2nd-3rd)
The Courage to Stand (4th-6th)
Courage in Action (5th-6th)
Alternative Solutions (7th-12th)
Assemblies/Workshops (K-12th)
• Engage students with drama, role play, group discussion, and team games;
• Excite critical thinking, socialization, and the development of imagination;
• Inspire students to creatively examine real life dilemmas;
• Are standards aligned (Texas) and accompanied by teacher and family resource packets.

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Curriculum Information For Resource

Grade Level(s):Pre-K, K, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12
Curriculum Areas:Performing Arts
Themes/Keywords: Bullying
Conflict Resolution
Creative Arts
Social Justice

interactive performance, bullying, conflict resolution, social change, social justice

Essential Question(s)
1. How can you use the creative arts to activate the academic, social and emotional development of young people?

Discussion Question(s)
1. How can you become a creative artist?
2. What are some examples of art that have made a positive change in the community.
3. What steps do you need to take to become a courageous ally?
4. How do you recognize injustice (i.e. bullying, harassment, abuse)?
5. What are the steps to becoming a critical thinkers?
6. How can you inspire and encourage others?

Extension and Activities
1. Social Studies: Research and create a collage the art that has made a positive change in the community.
2. Social Studies/History: Identify an historical or present day person who addressed an injustice. Create a biography and timeline for this person.
3. Social Studies: Demonstrate community consciousness by designing creative projects aimed at addressing a need in that community. Create flyers or promo ad to inspire and encourage others.
4. Performing Arts: Create a video or play that align one’s self with marginalized people.
5. Language Arts: Identify bias in a story by looking through different critical lenses. Create a poster or presentation that shows all the points of view.
6. Language Arts: Create a Code of Conduct document that adresses positive behavior, bullying and abusive behavior.
7. Science: Identify and research an injustice (i.e. bullying, harassment, abuse)and share information.

"I am a teacher at 107th elementary school in LAUSD, an inner-city school. Everything good that is given to us - is then taken away. The CADRE has brought art, music, dance, drama and light to a very difficult academic community. The Cadre is the only wonderful experience happening at 107th street school - this program needs to be continually funded. As well as encouraging students to find new areas of expertise, the teachers participate and learn about programs new to them as well. The Kathryn Dunham Dance Company was totally inspiring and intriguing as I got a taste of the dance the students would learn. The Marchall Dance Company was the only HOLIDAY PROGRAM my 1st graders received this year - and it was a dandy! Just Great! Samuel, a 1st grader in my class, was called to join in the welcoming dance and my whole class was proud of him and he was elated. Please, continue the funding for the CADRE. Thank you. Rosemary Pluskat"

Rosemary Pluskat
We need you!
LAUSD - Los Angeles, California

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